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Welcome to the Amplified Design Studio.

What we do


A brand is more than a set of logos, fonts, taglines, and guidelines. A brand is an identity – a set of feelings people feel when they are reminded of your product or business. We can help you unlock your brand and then design its unique aesthetic.


Web users have ultra-high expectations for product usability. Your application needs to provide value, while also being easy to use. Through storyboarding, wireframing, and rapid prototyping, we capture the journeys of your users and then construct an intuitive UX.

AR Animation

Marketers, brand builders, and frontier technologists are all excited about augmented reality’s ability to engage consumers with new forms of digital content. Amplified’s Design Studio can build custom AR experiences for your product or brand.



Prepd is an education technology startup that has built dedicated software for competitive speech and debate teams. Prepd’s core product challenge was to transcribe a manual activity – physically printing and filing news articles used by debaters – into a digital activity. Amplified’s Design Studio has full ownership of Prepd’s branding, marketing, and product design initiatives.

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Augmented reality has established itself as an exciting new artform. Kaleido is an AR startup that has tapped into this enthusiasm among visual artists to collaborate on animated experiences for their work. Amplified’s Design Studio built the Kaleido brand, designed the Kaleido app, and has also produced AR animations on behalf of Kaleido artists.

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Based in Switzerland, Addrezz is a property management service for residential buildings. Building owners and property managers use Addrezz to organize their resident communities and operate their buildings. Amplified’s Design Studio worked with Addrezz to develop its brand aesthetic and product experience.

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Our design process


Understand your customers and product

Great design always starts with great empathy. We begin our design process by first developing a deep understanding of the challenges, needs, and motivations of all your product stakeholders. Customer interviews, user storyboarding, and embodied cognition workshops are some of the tools in our toolkit for developing empathy.


Go big, go broad, then go narrow

The best way to have a great idea is to have many ideas. Once we understand your product stakeholders, we employ various brainstorming techniques to construct a broad universe of potential product experiences. Then we work with our clients to narrow down on the core insights that break-through products or brands are built upon.


Rapid prototyping with customers

Ultimately, our own opinions matter very little when it comes to your brand or product’s success. Your customers will decide if your brand is compelling and your product is engaging. We build paper and clickable prototypes that allow you to meet with and iterate with your customers.


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