Amplify your software development


Amplified provides skilled and affordable outsource development resources, beginning at $30 an hour. We amplify the engineering and design efforts of early and growth stage software startups. We are UX/UI designers, full-stack developers for mobile and web apps, and frontier technologists with blockchain, augmented reality, and AI/ML/NLP experience. Amplified is an American company with a subsidiary in Romania that employs a local development team,


You deserve a development partner that delivers quality work – on time and on budget.

But a true development partner – a team that is determined to see you and your business succeed – is hard to come by. In reality, outsourcing software is oftentimes a challenging and risky proposition. Missed deadlines, cost overruns, and poorly built product are shamefully common outcomes in the space.

Amplified sets itself apart by holding itself to the highest standards of reliability and trustworthiness. That means we promise to be:

  • Flexible and responsive: Your needs and priorities will change. We work in an agile manner so we can respond accordingly.
  • Supportive and accommodating: We comment code and write documentation so your team understands our work. We frequently share code.
  • Trustworthy and transparent: We won’t surprise you with large invoices. We update a shared timesheet every day so you can track our hours and progress.


Prototype development

Are you looking for a simple prototype to share with potential users, customers, and investors? We can work with you to scope out a fixed-cost project that results in an MVP offering for $10,000 – $25,000.

Scale up projects

Do you have an isolated project that your internal team cannot tackle at the moment? Do you want to quickly, but temporarily, scale up your development pace? We can step in as an extended member of your development team for a focused engagement.

Nontechnical partnerships

Is your team mostly non-technical? Do you have a big vision and domain expertise, but lack internal engineering capabilities? We can be your partner to manage product development and help you transition to an internal team when the time is right.





Ian is a technology entrepreneur who has previously founded or worked on businesses in the mobile, EdTech, blockchain, and augmented reality spaces. Ian has a strong product management skillset, having previously worked as a PM in the Intuit Futures group. Ian graduated from Yale and is an MBA student at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.



Design Lead

Andrei is a creative artist who leads Amplified’s design efforts. In college, he studied graphic design and illustration. Andrei loves designing web interfaces and is passionate about improving user experiences. He is an excellent animator and an excellent brand builder. Prior to Amplified, Andrei was the design lead for various startups and freelance projects.



Engineering Manager

Madalin is a senior software architect who manages Amplified’s Romanian-based engineering team. Madalin has led various full-stack development efforts for web and mobile products, as well as frontier technology initiatives involving blockchain services and augmented reality experiences. Madalin graduated from the University Alexandru Ioan Cuza, in Iasi Romania.



Project Management

Raluca is the “user friendly” interface of Amplified’s project management and customer success efforts. Raluca serves as a primary point of contact for Amplified’s clients, while coordinating work with Amplified’s engineering and design team. Raluca has a strong skillset in quality assurance, customer support, and project management.


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